Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre

The Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre is proudly in existence since 1969. The Centre is a non-profit organization that provides a multitude of services to Aboriginal community members residing in or in transit through Chibougamau, regardless of status. This Centre is one of ten Friendship Centres in Quebec affiliated with the Regroupement des Centres d’amitié autochtone du Quebec (RCAAQ) and the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC).

The Town of Chibougamau

The town of Chibougamau has an approximate population of eight thousand people, the majority of whom are francophone. Due to the proximity of the Cree communities, many Cree call Chibougamau home. Approximately 800 Aboriginal citizens, of whom 98 % are Cree, reside in Chibougamau. Their reasons for living in town vary and include employment, children’s education, medical obligations, access to logging and more. In 2015-2016, the Centre received more than 11 566 requests for service from people dropping by or calling in need of services and support.

In the Province

In the province, the Quebec Friendship Centre Movement estimates that roughly 52 % of Aboriginal people now live off-reserve. This increase of First Nations people moving off community and choosing to reside in urban areas creates a growing need for diversified, culturally significant services in town from urban-based organizations, such as Friendship Centres. Through the years, Chibougamau has worked to meet the needs of this increasing population by promoting healthy, balanced lifestyles through culturally adapted programs, services and activities. The Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre is committed to pursuing its mission by continuously improving the quality and diversity of our services and thus responds to the needs of its evolving urban community.