The Awash Uutamet Childcare Centre

The Awash Utamet Childcare Centre welcomed children as of February 8, 2016. This urban Aboriginal Childcare Centre has a capacity of 60 children, parity between Native and non-Native children. Its educational platform is inspired by the philosophy of Réggio Émilia that places each child at the heart of their learning.

This vital project was born of the sustained and determined request of the community that found itself unable to access adequate early childcare services in town. Since 2007, The Friendship Centre carried the project forward in collaboration with Chibougamau parents to forge a collective vision that is culturally significant for our children.

Located at 611, 5e Rue in Chibougamau, the mission of Awash Uutamet Childcare Centre is to be a true cultural crossroads inviting children and families to discover the profound teachings and cultural heritage of our neighbours.

The Northern Quebec Entrepreneurial Symposium

The Northern Quebec Entrepreneurial Symposium was born of the shared vision of the Manon Richmond, President, and Jo-Ann Toulouse, Executive Director of the Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre to see the Peoples of this territory collaborate together regarding its future and socio-economic development.

March 12 and 13, 2013, Chibougamau hosted a memorable entrepreneurial meeting of minds and businesses during the 2013 Entrepreneurial Symposium.  Gathering together Cree Inuit and Jamesians, these two days of discussions confirmed the Northern Quebec business community’s firm intention to network and collaborates in the development of their region.

This prestigious event was a choice opportunity for 161 business people from Jamesia (121), Eeyou Istchee (40) and Nunavik (9) to get to know their peers and promote their interest for the development of economic opportunity in the North as well as in partnerships reflecting our great and immense region.

According to the evaluations collated, many aspects of the activity were noteworthy: logistical organisation, the means of communication between cultures, quality of the speakers, meals, the skill of organisers and the general proceedings of the event.

Two clear intentions were made clear during the event: the multiplication of these types of events between entrepreneurs, and to create a permanent liaison for the continuity of this type of activity and collaboration.

The member-organisations behind this exceptional event: Centre d’entrepreneurship nordique, Chambre de commerce de Chibougamau, Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre and Eeyou Economic Group express their profound appreciation to our Northern Quebec business partners as well as to the participants whose interest and involvement made this Symposium a worthy crossroads.

Merci                     Thank you                           Meegwich                             Nakurmiik