Intercultural Friendship Week


Intercultural Friendship Week

Intercultural Friendship Week takes place each year during the week surrounding March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Rich and diversified culture

Because Aboriginals have an urban history heavy with misunderstanding and scorn, Intercultural Friendship Week activities invite the population to learn more – or differently, about the rich and diversified culture of the Aboriginal people living and transiting through Chibougamau – there where peoples meet, and to replace misunderstanding with knowledge and know-how.


Activities vary from year to year but include in each edition Open Houses, a large-scale potluck supper, radio awareness and programming campaigns, and training.

In 2016, the CEFC invited local community organisations to take part in the steering committee in order to broaden the impact of the awareness campaigns.  Amongst these precious partners we find: the Town of Chibougamau, Réseau Hommes Québec, the Centre de femmes les Elles du Nord, the Centre de santé de Chibougamau, the Maison des jeunes Sac-Ados as well as the Chibougamau proximity worker initiative.

Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala


Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala

The Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala takes place each year in June. It celebrates the essence of youth 5 to 25 years of age through the lens of the seven Grandfather Teachings.


Tsteyihtaakusuu celebrates youth whose behaviour expresses these values in their daily life either at school, during extra curricular activities, sports, the arts, or traditional practice.


We believe that there is no age limit to be a role model and so take pleasure in recognising and honouring youth with a certificate and feather in recognition of their actions, living the teachings.

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Potluck and Community Suppers


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

The CEFC hosts suppers every 3rd Wednesday of the month, from September to June.

Specific theme

Some have a specific theme: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Intercultural Friendship Week, the end of the goose hunt or the annual feast during Aboriginal Day. Other suppers are the occasion to gather together family and friends without fuss to share a meal and catch up on news.


Each participant brings an offering to share for four people: main dish, appetisers, salad, bread and spread, beverage, dessert, and more. When in doubt, call for suggestions!

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