Festival Folifrets



For a number of years now, the Festival invites the Friendship Centre to provide an activity during Family Day.


Sometimes a sport, other times a craft, always delicious; these activities are greatly appreciated by the public that take advantage of our set-up to warm up by the fire while learning more about the rich Aboriginal culture of our region, bannock and Labrador tea in hand.

Sisters in Spirit


Sisters in Spirit

October 5 marks each year the Sisters in Spirit Vigil. The CEFC has been taking part in this national action for many years in order to honour our women and raise awareness regarding the reality of murdered and mission Aboriginal women. Sometimes a walk, sometimes a guided activity, this awareness evening is always filled with respect, solidarity and hope.

Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala


Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala

The Tsteyihtaakusuu Youth Gala takes place each year in June. It celebrates the essence of youth 5 to 25 years of age through the lens of the seven Grandfather Teachings.


Tsteyihtaakusuu celebrates youth whose behaviour expresses these values in their daily life either at school, during extra curricular activities, sports, the arts, or traditional practice.


We believe that there is no age limit to be a role model and so take pleasure in recognising and honouring youth with a certificate and feather in recognition of their actions, living the teachings.

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Aboriginal Day


The Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre Aboriginal Day is a major event gathering more than 300 people. It rallies Aboriginals from Chibougamau and its vicinities to highlight and share our culture. We host Aboriginal artists and craftsmen, celebrate traditional ceremonies and organize games for participants. Throughout the day, our traditional cooks serve wild meat as tastings.


For the last 35 years, the Chibougamau Eenou Friendship Centre has been organising this traditional event with the goal of promoting cultural exchanges and creating opportunities for people of all Nations to gather and learn from each other. Aboriginal Day provides an opportunity to develop friendships and intercultural understanding. This day is also a wonderful opportunity for the urban Aboriginal population to celebrate their culture and traditions. It must be noted that the Chibougamau Aboriginal Day rarely falls on June 21 since Beauce Carnival in often in town on that day and our goal is to encourage the multiplication of celebrations in our town!